About Acoustic Draft Mead Made in Traverse City, Michigan

About Acoustic Draft Mead made in Traverse City, Michigan
Hi, I’m Bruce Grossman, Acoustic founder/owner/zymurgyst/tunesmith and creator of Acoustic Draft Mead.

It is my goal to produce the most thirst quenching, artisan meads on the planet.

Acoustic Draft Meads are hand-crafted from pure water, natural honey, fruit, herbs and spices. Unlike many meads that are produced as still wines of 10 – 14% abv, Acoustic Draft Meads are unique because they are lightly carbonated with tiny bubbles and drink more like ale (at an average of 6% abv.) than wine. All Acoustic Draft Meads are naturally GLUTEN FREE! So, DRINK ACOUSTIC and Guit’ BzZz’d! (but stay in tune)

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