Summer BzZz Events…

…Here’s the Acoustic BzZz for Summer 2011 Mead/Events/Other:  Harmonic BzZz release soon, live performance of songs from “The Girl With The Broken Halo/The Boy Who Imagined Too Much” at Northern Naturals Winery Tasting room  in Benzonia on July 23rd 5-7pm (free), July 31st Traverse City Film Fest Closing Party. In […] Read more »

Renaissance Fest in Holly, MI

Sept. 11-12, 25-26, Oct. 2-3. So, I’ll be down in the Detroit area with BzZz, possibly Apple BzZz, on the second dates (I may not be there personally on the 25-26 because of Rootenanny).  Call me and let’s Guit’ BzZz’d!!!  231-883-2012… Read more »

Dunegrass Thank Yous!

I wanna thank everyone who attended/volunteered/organized Dunegrass and special thanks to all the musicians and other venders and service personnel – you knoiw who you are you party freaks – thanks for Guitn BzZzd with me!!!! Some of the individuals were Ryan, all the “bear and wolf” guys, Smashley, Pan, James, […] Read more »

Attention: Breweriana Collectors!!!

After 1,110 hand-drawn 12-pack carriers I’ve had enough! There will be a performance/signing tour to raise $$ for a yet-to-be-determined charity. Check for upcoming details. Incidentally, I’ve probably “sold” more original drawings than any other artist in the area (and beyond?)! Guit’ BzZz’d!!! Read more »